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About Us

As material handling specialists, we've seen the impact of both efficient and non-efficient warehouse operations.  This drives our passion because we know we can help you avoid letting customers down because you are not meeting operational goals.

If you're like us, you know what it is like to be frustrated by lack of space and inefficient operations. You’ve likely considered seeking help to increase warehouse efficiency and optimize storage capacity so that your business can thrive.


We know how critical it is for you to manage and operate your warehouse and distribution centers with excellence. We believe your business reputation or growth should never be damaged by daily warehouse operations.

At Xact Warehouse Solutions, we get it.

Pouring time and money into equipment solutions that just don't work isn't the answer. For 13 years, we have helped hundreds of people just like you overcome a disorganized warehouse, increase efficiency, and expand their warehouse capacity.

Xact Warehouse Solutions emphasizes delivering turnkey equipment projects with excellence. Our customers benefit from the continual improvements from our knowledge and experience applied back into each new project as well as applying these best practices into other industries.  


We prioritize fostering long-term relationships with customers to learn and dive deep into their operations and continually find ways to drive improvements, save money and increase their ROI.

We are committed to helping those managing warehouses and distribution centers to develop improvement plans to support their business so you can stop feeling stressed and frustrated with issues and wasted effort.


The process is simple — We will help you discover the best fit solution, prepare for on-site assessment, and then implement the solution.


Once you request a discovery call, you’ll have taken the first step towards accomplishing business change you need now and beginning a long-term relationship with a trusted partner that truly cares about your success.

We believe you should have a reliable, safe warehouse that operates with excellence. We can help you thrive and consistently deliver on your promise with on-time and accurate orders.

Schedule a consultation so we can get started.

How We Help

“Our commitment to excellence resonates with our warehouse customers. Where we can do a project from start to finish for a client, and take that load off of them, that’s where we can provide the most value.”
....Kevin Kelley, Owner, Xact Warehouse Solutions

Our experts are committed to excellence by discovering how best to serve your business needs for the long term. We seek to learn more about how your business operates so that we can help you prioritize where to focus budget and resources aligned with the overall company strategy and roadmap. Many of our clients view us as extended team members, trusted advisors and a turnkey solution provider. We are always ready to advise, manage and implement across a spectrum of project types:

  • Best Fit Equipment For A Project

  • Warehouse Assessment

  • Larger Scale Projects

High Value Partner

Over the years, we have learned that where we can do a project from start to finish for a client, and take that load off of them, that’s where we can provide the most value. Our highest value proposition is in turnkey projects where we are a full service provider for design, preparation and implementation. In this scenario, we consistently identify additional areas for improvement that are often overlooked by other warehouse solution providers. We price our projects considering both project size, complexity and long term relationship potential. We believe the more we can get to know your business and your people; the more we can ensure you always get a high return on your investment.


Many of our customers appreciate our commitment to finding the right solution during the design process ensuring that the equipment selection exactly fits their warehouse application. We are looking for that client that is seeking a trusted advisor to stick with them throughout the entire project and stand with them for all their future challenges and opportunities.

Because we are also accountable for the implementation, we take confidence in our ability to design the right solution and work closely with the engineering and inspection professionals to get the job done right, on time and on budget.

Solution Coverage Area

  • National - Projects delivered in over 30 states

  • International

    • United States, US Territories, and Canada


Xact Warehouse Solutions is also experienced working with state and federal government agencies.


We collaborate with industry thought leaders to ensure we have the most competitive prices for the value we deliver to our customers. This research takes into consideration the current market across various types of projects.

In addition, we offer cost plus options for clients where cost transparency enables their project to move forward while retaining the flexibility to evolve the design as the project requirement are further defined.

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