Warehouse Conveyor Systems

Case and pallet conveyor solutions offer a means to safely, ergonomically, and efficiently move product through different work zones in a warehouse or distribution center space. This allows workers to save valuable travel time and increase productivity in their work areas, reducing overall labor. 

Warehouse conveyor solutions can be very valuable to streamlining multiple operations in a warehouse or distribution center, including receiving, put-away, picking, sorting, packing, and shipping operations.  Conveyor solutions may include powered or gravity conveyor, accumulating, or transportation, belted or roller, or combinations of any of these.  The solution(s) depends on the specific application and customer needs.

We’re here to help our clients apply the best conveyor solutions to meet their needs.

Typical Conveyor Applications

Loading and Unloading Conveyors

These can be belted or roller conveyor and used for unloading and loading trucks or containers. They are great for adding productivity and efficiency and can oftentimes reduce the labor at the dock by 50% or more, as well as reduce the loading or unloading time by half. These conveyors are can also be tied into a larger conveyor system:

  • Unload application: The unloaded cartons are placed on the conveyor inside the truck or container to move them to the dock area. The conveyor application saves time from manually moving cartons or pallets out of the truck or container.
  • Load application: The shipping cartons have already been presorted and are directed right into the shipping trailer or container where they are manually unloaded and palletized or stacked on the floor of the container.

Sortation Conveyors

Sortation conveyor allows products on the conveyor to be sorted to multiple destinations. The speed at which the sorting needs to happen depends on the application and rate. There are high rate sort options and lower rate sort options.

A few examples of each are listed below:

High rate sorters

  • Multi-belt sorters
  • Cross-belt sorters
  • Tilt tray sorters
  • Shoe sorters

Lower rate sorters

  • Right angle transfer sorting.
  • Belted conveyor with push-arm sorters
  • Belted conveyor with bow-arm sorters
  • Conveyor divert modules for line-shaft conveyor and motorized driven roller conveyor

Transportation Conveyors

This type of conveyor is used for moving cartons or pallets from point A to point B within a warehouse or distribution center. Different types of transportation conveyor include:

  • Belted conveyor
  • Line-shaft conveyor
  • Belt driven live roller conveyor
  • Non-accumulating spiral conveyor

Accumulating Conveyors

This type of conveyor is used for transporting cartons from point A to point B, but also manages the flow of product to create a buffer between the start and destination. The conveyor is configured into small accumulation zones based on the length of the product. This allows the product to accumulate, creating room for product to consolidate and providing a time buffer to minimize bottlenecks in the conveyor system. Different types of accumulating conveyor include:

  • Line-shaft conveyor
  • Belt driven live roller conveyor
  • Motorized driven roller (MDR) conveyor
  • Accumulating spiral conveyor

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