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At Xact Warehouse Solutions, we know that providing the right equipment as part of your warehouse solution is critical to eliminate inefficiency and poor space utilization.


When your equipment is not properly designed to fit your warehouse solution, it not only wastes financial resources, but it also frustrates your leaders and makes it difficult to keep good people to run your warehouse operation.


We provide unique warehouse solutions that remove inefficiencies and optimize storage so that your

product flows through your warehouse smoothly and effortlessly. Before addressing your equipment needs, we want to learn more about your warehouse solution requirements. Explore our equipment details and get started discovering how to improve your warehouse operation.

Conveyor Equipment for Warehouse Solutions

  • MCP.tif

    Carton and tote conveyor solutions offer a means to efficiently move product through different work zones in a warehouse or distribution center space. This allows workers to save valuable travel time and increase productivity in their work areas greatly increasing the efficiency of your warehouse solution.

Steel Platforms for Warehouse Solutions

  • Platform with ladders.jpg

    Steel Platforms

    Need more space? Before you start thinking of moving to a new facility or leasing additional space, consider going vertical by adding a steel platform. A great way to expand the capacity of your warehouse solution.

Shelving for Warehouse Solutions

  • WPSS Shelving 1.jpg

    Shelving offers storage options for a wide range of small and heavy storage items in a relatively small picking area. Let us help identify if this picking storage option meets the operational needs for your warehouse solution.

Vertical Lift Modules (VLM's) for Warehouse Solutions

  • Modula - VLM.jpg

    Vertical Lift Module

    Vertical Lift Modules (VLM’s) are ergonomic picking solutions that maximize the vertical storage space in a warehouse or distribution center.  They are often used for small piece picking, but have other heavy duty applications as well.  VLM’s benefits include inventory management and enhanced picking features to keep track of inventory and optimize picking from the pick station.

Racking Systems for Warehouse Solutions

  • Cartonflow 2.jpg

    Carton flow also commonly referred to as gravity flow is a great warehouse solution for split case picking. Carton flow is set up as a FIFO (first in, first out) storage system. These gravity driven systems are loaded from the back side and the product (boxes or cartons) flow to the front of the rack system for pick and packing. Carton flow can either be designed to be implemented with pallet rack systems or to work as standalone units.

  • Hannibal-Drive-In-Rack_600x600_acf_cropp

     Drive-In Rack

    Drive-In Racking systems are designed to allow lift trucks to drive into the bay creating very high density storage for non-stackable loads. A great approach to optimizing storage capacity and improving your warehouse solution.

  • Pallet-Flow1_600x600_acf_cropped.png

    Pallets are loaded into the storage lane from the loading aisle and gravity fed, in order, to the discharge aisle. The pallets are first placed onto rollers upon which the pallets easily flow towards the front of the rack system. Once at the front of the system, pallets rest on pallet stops until they’re unloaded. As pallets are removed or unloaded from the system, each of the pallets that were behind them “flow” into the next position via gravity. Pallet speed is controlled by the type and quantity of brakes engineered into the system.

  • Pallet storage rack is one of the most common pallet storage mediums utilized in a warehouse or distribution center solution. Pallet racking comes in many forms, from single selective rack to high density pallet storage rack. Many factors go into the design of pallet storage rack, including pallet sizes and weights, accessibility to product requirements, forklift utilization, and many others.

  • Push-Back-Rack-1_600x600_acf_cropped.jpg

    Push-back pallet racks are slightly tilted to utilize the force of gravity, and the pallets sit in a tray positioned along the rails in the rack frame. From the front, loads can be picked and deposited with ease, while the back of the rack remains closed. When a new load is added, it simply pushes existing loads back. This not only decreases pick times, but allows for a high selection of picking faces in your warehouse solution.

Modular Buildings for Warehouse Solutions


Modular buildings are prefabricated enclosures that provide a safe and sound controlled space for your business. A great addition to your warehouse solution.

Protective Equipment for Warehouse Solutions

  • Bluff-Tuff-Guard-Guardrailw_600x600_acf_

    Guardrails provide the work areas protecting people from moving vehicles and materials. Its mass and strength will provide security for employees and equipment for most warehouse solutions.

  • Hayward-Fencing_600x600_acf_cropped.jpg

    Perimeter fencing increases security and safety of your warehouse solution. Fence partitions are a modular system of posts, wire mesh panels, and doors, with ample options in each. All components are manufactured for exact fit and easy assembly.

  • Safety netting is a product safety barrier option that allows for safe picking or walking traffic areas. Safety is always critical to any warehouse solution.

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