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Equipment Solutions

Warehouse Solutions - Equipment

At Xact Warehouse Solutions, we know that providing the right equipment as part of your warehouse solution is critical to eliminate inefficiency and poor space utilization.


When your equipment is not properly designed to fit your warehouse solution, it not only wastes financial resources, but it also frustrates your leaders and makes it difficult to keep good people to run your warehouse operation.


We provide unique warehouse solutions that remove inefficiencies and optimize storage so that your

product flows through your warehouse smoothly and effortlessly. Before addressing your equipment needs, we want to learn more about your warehouse solution requirements. Explore our equipment details and get started discovering how to improve your warehouse operation.

Conveyor Equipment for Warehouse Solutions

Steel Platforms for Warehouse Solutions

Shelving for Warehouse Solutions

Vertical Lift Modules (VLM's) for Warehouse Solutions

Racking Systems for Warehouse Solutions

Modular Buildings for Warehouse Solutions


Modular buildings are prefabricated enclosures that provide a safe and sound controlled space for your business. A great addition to your warehouse solution.

Protective Equipment for Warehouse Solutions

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