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Pallet Flow

Pallet flow is a FIFO (first in, first out) dynamic storage system. Pallet flow makes it possible to achieve high density storage while maintaining FIFO retrieval order and handling efficiency. This type of gravity flow pallet system maximizes storage space by reducing aisles. Pallet flow systems can be designed to hold 2 to 20 pallets deep or more in one lane, and allow for quick and efficient inventory turnover. Customization is key in pallet flow rack systems, and manufacturers offer multiple types of rollers to meet the demands of individual users’ pallets and products. Most manufacturers can even customize their pallet flow with speed controllers that are uniquely designed for the users wide range of pallet weights.

How A Pallet Flow System Works

Pallets are loaded into the storage lane from the replenishment aisle and gravity flow, in order, to the pick aisle. The pallets are first placed onto rollers upon which the pallets easily flow towards the front of the rack system. Once they’ve glided to the front of the system, pallets rest on pallet stops until they’re unloaded. As pallets are removed or unloaded from the system, each of the pallets that were behind them “flow” into the next position via gravity.  Pallet speed is controlled by the speed controllers engineered into the system.

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