Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet flow rack is a type of pallet storage rack used for high density storage and First-In-First Out (FIFO). Pallet flow makes it possible to achieve high density storage while maintaining FIFO retrieval order and handling efficiency. This type of gravity flow pallet system maximizes storage space by reducing aisles.

Xact Warehouse Solutions provides unparalleled warehouse solutions, specializing in pallet flow rack systems designed for high-density storage, focusing on First-In-First-Out (FIFO) principles. Our commitment to warehouse storage solutions goes beyond conventional offerings, as we aim to optimize handling efficiency and maximize storage space.

Pallet flow racks, a cornerstone of our integrated warehouse solutions, are meticulously designed for customizable storage depths, accommodating 2 to 20 pallets deep or more in a single lane. Quick and efficient inventory turnover is a hallmark of our solutions, ensuring your warehouse maximizes storage density and operates at peak performance.

Customization is at the heart of our approach. We collaborate with our manufacturers to offer a range of rollers, addressing the unique demands of individual pallets and products. Our ability to customize pallet flow racks sets us apart, incorporating speed controllers designed for a wide range of pallet weights.

To assist you in maximizing your storage footprint, Xact Warehouse Solutions invites you to request an on-site consultation. Our professional team is ready to guide you through personalized warehouse solutions that can elevate your storage efficiency.

How Pallet Flow Racks Work

Understanding how pallet flow racks work is essential to grasp its full potential. Loaded from a replenishment aisle, pallets seamlessly flow towards the pick aisle on specially designed rollers. Pallet flow racks provide first-in, first-out inventory management. Once at the front of the system, pallets rest on pallet stops until unloaded. The unique gravity-driven design ensures a continuous flow, with each unloaded pallet causing the following ones to move gently into the next position. 

Common Questions Regarding Pallet Flow Systems

Lead times for pallet flow projects are similar to other engineered rack systems, with lead periods generally in the 6 to 12-week range.  Lead times can be influenced by the approval process and high manufacturing demand when the order is placed.

The pitch of a pallet flow lane can vary from system to system.  The most common pitch given to pallet flow lanes is 3/8″ to 1/2″ per linear foot. To illustrate this, imagine a pallet flow lane that is 20’ long.  If the pitch is 1/2″ per linear foot, the load end of the lane will be 10″ taller than the picking end. This pitch allows the pallet to “flow” without assistance from the back end of the lane to the front.

At Xact Warehouse Solutions, we are dedicated to enhancing your commercial space through cutting-edge solutions. From our versatile pallet flow racks to integrated warehouse systems, we prioritize precision and innovation. Trust our experts to navigate the dynamic landscape of warehouse management, ensuring your pallet flow rack systems are optimized for seamless operation. Elevate your storage capacity and retrieval processes with our tailored solutions. Contact us today, and let Xact be your trusted partner in implementing efficient and future-ready warehouse solutions.

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