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Pallet Rack

Pallet storage rack is one of the most common pallet storage mediums utilized in a warehouse or distribution center.  Pallet racking comes in many forms, from single selective rack to high density pallet storage rack.  Many factors go into the design of pallet storage rack, including pallet sizes and weights, accessibility to product requirements, forklift utilization, and many others.

How a Pallet Rack Works

Pallet rack is a steel structure configured in rows with multiple levels of storage for pallet loads.  There are many different sizes and configurations of pallet rack which are determined based on the customized needs of the user.  Some of the factors to consider for designing a pallet rack system may include:

  • Sizes and weights of the pallet loads to be stored

  • Storage density and selectability of pallets desired

  • Number of SKU’s and pallets per SKU

  • Building clear height, along with fire protection limitations

  • Inventory rotation requirements

  • Hazardous classification of the product to be stored

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