Perimeter Fencing

Perimeter fencing has a variety of uses within a warehouse. Custom designed systems can reduce loss of valuable inventory by securing high value items. Fencing can also help prevent workplace accidents by creating safe entryways for areas that forklifts and other heavy warehouse machinery frequently travel through. These systems combine higher security, strength, and great flexibility.

How Perimeter Fencing Works

Perimeter fencing helps with warehouse security and safety. Fence partitions are a modular system of posts, wire mesh panels, and doors, with ample options in each. All components are manufactured for exact fit and easy assembly.There are a variety of options with perimeter fencing and it can be used in any size lot.

Common Questions Regarding Perimeter Fencing

What are some applications of perimeter fencing?

High-value or restricted product areas where access is limited, maintenance areas to secure tools and equipment parts, and truck driver entry points that restrict access to the entire warehouse.

Can my fencing have a ceiling?

Yes. Fencing can be designed with a ceiling or be taken all the way up to your roof deck in your warehouse for added security.

What are some other applications for fencing?

Partitions, storage lockers and cages, equipment and machine guarding, pallet rack safety backing, and many others.

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