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10 Ways to Repurpose a Pallet

18th century English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge is perhaps best known by his Romanticized tale “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” in which sailors lament “Water, water, every where, and all the boards did shrink; water, water, every where, nor any drop to drink.” Perhaps more fitting to the material handling industry would be “Pallets, pallets, every where, and these boards never shrink!” Not to worry, we’ve compiled a list of ten great ways to make your extra pallets useful again!

  1. Build a Sled

  2. Hang a Swing

  3. Take Unwanted Pallets to a Pallet Buyer

  4. Or Have a Pallet Buyer Pick-up Your Unwanted Pallets

  5. Paint Up a Picture Perch from a Pallet

  6. Create a New Workspace

  7. Hire an On-site Pallet Grinder for a Day

  8. Construct a Sturdy Doormat

  9. Sit Down to a Unique Table

  10. Check Out the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association for more information about cost-effective, environmentally-friendly use, reuse and disposal of your wooden pallets!

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