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2013 Supply Chain Industry Predictions

Clifford Lynch, of C.F. Lynch & Associates, has looked into his crystal ball (and called upon years of experience) to make predictions for the supply chain industry yet again this year. In this month’s edition of DC Velocity, Lynch has drafted a top-ten list of changes (or lack thereof) we can expect for 2013.

1) The Usual; driver shortages, high fuel costs, infrastructure and sustainability struggles.

2) Treatment of Truck Drivers; Shippers and receivers will become more welcoming to truck drivers, including the growing number of women and pets living on the road

3) CSA 2010; As carriers and drivers put this safety program into practice it will prove to be more helpful than initially projected.

4) Air Travel; As costs have been on the rise and return has decreased (think comfort, service) for years, 2013 could be the year of industry regulation. 5) Use of Boxcars; Improvements in rail transport could make it a reasonable alternative to trucking.

6) Pricing Options; More companies will offer slower, cheaper shipping -as Lynch puts it, “Not everyone needs overnight or even second-day delivery.”

7) Alternative Fuels; the use of natural gas is on the rise as the US enters a period of rapid growth in its experimentation.

8) Outsourcing; Contract Logistics Service Providers make it possible to change your distribution network quickly as changes arise.

9) Panama Canal; US importers are making decisions NOW regarding DC locations for the influx of goods arriving via the new port options the canal’s expansion (set for completion in 2015) will provide.

10) Freight Bill Payment; These companies will become more creative when it comes to the value they have to offer in response to transportation management systems with freight payment modules encroaching upon their market.

While these predictions are just that, it will be interesting to see just how close Mr. Lynch comes to the truth in the months ahead. For the full article and the other resources from DC Velocityclick here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the predictions presented in this blog! Share with us!

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