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3 Ways to Improve Warehouse Order Accuracy

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Accuracy and perfection are always needed to excel in any kind of work. But how do you really achieve accuracy?

Adopting different methods and strategies can help you gain veracity. Some of the methods are cost effective, but some may seem to cost an arm and a leg but will definitely boost your productivity.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 3 ways to boost warehouse order accuracy.

1.    Using Voice command System

The foremost aspect of warehouse management is the Picking Process; the workers manually pick items to fulfill the orders according to the given list. Going through the list, finding the correct SKU, then picking the right product – the entire process is exhausting and is inefficient.

That’s where a voice command system comes into play. The installed software delivers an audio command to every individual according to the orders placed. It tells the right location, the right product, and the right amount. This reduces travel time and order picking mistakes, greatly improving the efficiency and productivity of every individual working at the warehouse.

2.    Automation

Implementing automation at a warehouse is expensive, but it is cost effective in the long run as it reduces your labor cost.

Automation is all the rage in supply chain; it is pricey but strikingly efficient. All the orders are recorded in the software; it then maintains a proper record and analyzes orders. The machines are then sent instructions to pick, pack and deliver accordingly.

This will definitely reduce your labor cost and boost accuracy greatly. It may cost you a bit in the beginning, but it will pay off big, in due time.

3.    Organizing the SKUs

Organizing SKUs is one of the most important parts of warehouse management. Having multiple SKUs at the same location with mixed products increases the risk of blunders.

SKUs should be organized in a systematic way, with proper sign boards to guide the way and visible tags to recognize the product. Recent research has shown that it is easy to pick things from a vertical SKU than a horizontal one, so keep that in mind when organizing your warehouse.

These simple changes in warehouse processes can help you achieve above par accuracy efficiently. If you are looking to increase your order accuracy or you think you are lacking behind in terms of productivity, these simple refinements can help you overcome your problems. Our goal is to provide equipment solutions that improve the efficiency and maximize throughput of a customers’ warehouse operations, improving their overall performance and supply chain business objectives. Check out our website further or give us a call to learn how we can help as you make your mark on the industry.

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