Changes for Leading Supply Chain Organization

The group formerly known as Material Handling Industry of America will now be referred to as simply Material Handling Industry.  Interestingly enough, this change is not only indicative of a broadening of horizons, but also a return to origins.  MHI was founded as such in 1945.  The MHI of today will continue to focus on material handling, as well as “manufacturing, distribution, logistics and transportation,” as quoted by Jeff Woroniecki, Executive Vice President of Business Development and Operations, in MHI Solutions, Vol. 1, Number 1.

In addition to updating their name, shifting industry focus, and revamping their printed publications, MHI is bringing new web tools, promotional opportunities, and networking options to its members in 2013.  The group desires to increase the number of connections they are able to facilitate between members and manufacturers, as well as providers of other supply chain services.  These changes are necessary due to constant evolution and growth of material handling and supply chain mechanisms on a global scale.

Material Handling Industry’s new website,, is well posed to be a meeting place for end users and MHI members. Additionally, members and consumers alike will experience greater ease of access to information regarding new industry trends.  Lastly, MHI hopes to lead the way to greater educational opportunities  for those who will enter the workforce in the next few years, as well as those of us who are looking to expand our knowledge.  Through this re-branding and all that it entails, MHI is aiming to step up within this industry and lead the way to the future.

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