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Conveyor Confusion Clarified

For some organizations, choosing a conveyor system is a no-brainer.  For others, the endless waves of information and conveyor terminology are overwhelming.  Gravity conveyors, MDR conveyors, extendable conveyors and more -how do you choose which one is right for your facility?  In some cases, a warehouse or distribution center may need more than one type of conveyor within their entire material handling system.


Xact Warehouse Solutions specializes in conveyor systems and maintains excellent relationships with several material handling industry giants whose sole focus is on conveyors.  Our vendors include those who deal exclusively in the categories of belting, hardware, rollers, entire conveyor systems and more.  In addition to the distribution of new systems, we also deal quality used systems. Oftentimes, these used systems come from one of our customers to another, so you know we have been responsible for performing excellent conveyor maintenance on your “new” conveyor system.

Let us help you find the right conveyor system to best meet your needs.  Engineering and hand-selecting the perfect conveyor for even the most unique warehousing facilities is our specialty.  Through our unparalleled customer service and consulting we will convey to you the perfect choice for your new conveyor system.

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