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“Good to Great” applied in Supply Chain

“Great!”- An expression that takes appreciation to another level. Whether it’s a business or any other aspect of life, everyone wants to surpass the rest. Every day, millions of people work hard and sacrifice their preferences and amenities to improve their current standing.

The effort and sacrifices surely payoff, but only if it’s in the right direction and at the right time. In business, you cannot just jump in with something whenever you want. Being in an industry is like being in the middle of a psychotic drove; the pioneers in the flock will eradicate you the first chance they get.

Here are some lessons that we get from the famous books Good to Great on how to enhance supply chain;

Connect and Involve

The connection is an important factor in the efficiency and improvement of a warehouse business. It is necessary that you connect with your employees and get involved with them. You should take their suggestions in various operations and make them visualize how their performance is important and impact it has.

Buyer Seller relationship

The Buyer-Seller relationship is a two-way relationship; this alliance can take you a long way if you can keep it healthy. You can use this bond as a platform to optimize your business strategies, particularly when it comes to warehouse efficiency.

Observing your Partners

For a business to flourish you don’t just have to keep a check on your workers; auditing your partners is also essential. You should have knowledge of the reputation and records of your associates’ business. The consumer of your product should also be looked at as a partner in your business. Understanding the consumers needs and how you can serve them will be effective in fostering a healthy partnership.

Selecting appropriate Technology

When selecting technology to streamline operations, people often make the choices without taking into account their own specific needs. Installing every latest gadget at your warehouse may not always solve the problem. It takes a lot of money to automate a single process at a warehouse, and in some aspects, automation may lead to other efficiency or productivity issues.

Make sure of what is needed and then decide on the kind of technology you should implement.

Training Employees

A training session is very important at least once a year. Senior workers can train the juniors, using their experience as their manual. Other than this, training is also needed for both junior and senior workers to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends in the supply chain industry and how to leverage them.

Xact Warehouse Solutions believes we should continually be moving in the direction of improvement. We believe in making your business the best it can be and would love to find ways to come alongside you as you strive to be the best in your area. Check out more about our company and how we can partner at

Good to Great by Jim Collins

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