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Job Opportunities Expected to Exceed Number of Qualified Workers

This month’s edition of DC Velocity is packed with it’s usual material handling news, product information, and supply chain surveys and statistics, and one particularly encouraging forecast. Mark Solomon presents food for thought in regard to upcoming changes in the industry -both celebration-worthy and challenging.

Solomon’s reporting of recent findings published by the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics is an industry-specific light at the end of the tunnel. Though it may not be possible to make such claims for the entire U.S., the logistics industry is expected to grow by more than one million jobs over the next three years. In fact, the positions needing to be filled will surpass the number of individuals currently training and being educated in the field. Therein lies the challenge.

In the past, Xact Warehouse Solutions has greatly enjoyed the opportunity to speak with students at trade shows and similar events. However, this sort of interaction is generally limited to individuals who are already aware of the supply chain industry and the career opportunities it holds. The potential to meet the demand for graduates of technical schools and industry related degree programs will only be reached if more individuals are made aware of their mutual potential.

“…only 75,000 logistics workers are being trained, degreed, or certified each year to fill what will be more than 270,000 annual job openings through 2016.”

-Mark Solomon, DC Velocity

More active pursuit of these educational institutions by not only government agencies, but professional associations and private companies as well, may just be the way to keep up with this boom. By instituting internships, attending business fairs, and investing time into grooming students for roles in the material handling and supply chain space, we have much to gain. As the need for qualified individuals grows, so will the need to perform at even greater standards of excellency company-wide. Active involvement in educational programs will afford supply chain leaders the opportunity to develop the ideal workforce for the ideal future.

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