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Post-Sandy Supply Chain Support

As children return to school, power returns to many homes and businesses, and people begin the long return to normalcy, super storm Sandy’s destruction remains scattered about the northeast United States. Thanks to many in the supply chain industry, there has been rapid movement to bring aid to those in need and to jump start the economy throughout the region. With some freight carriers arriving the day after the storm, Lynn Adler of Reuters.com asserts that many lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina are proving invaluable to the economic and infrastructural recovery from Sandy.

“By the time Sandy hit, trucking and logistics companies had topped off gas tanks, bought or rented back-up generators to power distribution and fueling centers, and shipped relief and manufacturing supplies to the Northeast that customers would need after the storm. During the storm and in the days after, these companies and East Coast railroads diverted shipments away from the hardest-hit areas and found alternative delivery options for customers.”

-Lynn Adler, Reuters.com

We are blessed to be part of this industry and to work with and for companies who are so committed to rebuilding, both physically and economically. We would like to extend our thanks to both our vendors and customers who have been effected by Sandy for your continued patience, perseverance, and flexibility. Your businesses and your families remain in our prayers and we remain at the ready to assist you with your material handling operations.

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