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ProMat 2013 Begins Today!

This week tens of thousands of material handling and supply chain professionals will gather in Chicago for ProMat 2013, the largest material handling exposition in the U.S., which runs from today to Thursday, January 24th. This event is actually a combination of two shows as attendees are also eligible to attend Automate 2013, which spotlights automation technologies. Between the two shows there will be over 900 exhibitors showcasing new technologies, discussing the future of material handling, and networking with attendees from the United States and abroad. ProMat 2013 features the following forums for discussion, learning and networking: -Keynote speeches from leaders in robotics, economics and national material handling organizations -Approximately 100 educational seminars on varying topics -Exhibitor booths grouped by Information Technology, Fulfillment and Delivery, and Manufacturing & Assembly As representatives from Xact Warehouse Solutions explore ProMat 2013, we will be taking photos and sharing on Twitter. We would love to hear from you about the exhibits you enjoy and the new technologies you are learning about as well!

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