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U.S. Veterans in U.S. Logistics

As American presence in Iraq and Afghanistan dwindles, more and more members of the armed forces return home and prepare for a new season in life.  Some of these men and women will continue domestic military careers but many seek a fresh start in the private sector.  In this month’s edition of DC Velocity senior editor Toby Gooley illustrates the how veterans may be some of the best prepared supply chain logistics employees.

Gooley reports that, proportionally, more veterans are unemployed than the rest of the U.S. population. As many of you already know, the material handling, warehousing, and supply chain logistics industries are hard-pressed to find suitable employees, and it is estimated this gap will only grow in the coming years.  ”Clearly, this is a first-class opportunity to match talent supply with employer demand,” according to Gooley.

“Clearly, this is a first-class opportunity to match talent supply with employer demand”

Mr. Gooley spoke with former Army officer and Iraq vet and current veteran transition specialist Jason Dozier of the nonprofit organization Hire Heroes USA to get some insight into the lesser-known talents veterans may possess. He found that military persons with overseas deployment under their belts are often experienced with equipment management in multiple and far-reaching locations.  Additionally, the distribution and freight tasks set before many service men include inventorying, containerization, and personally seeing to the distribution of supplies.  This can also be the case for U.S. based military personel, many of whom are familiar with field logistics terminals, warehouses, shipping docks, forklifts and more.

Globally desirable traits can be found in those who have served in the military as well.  Many veterans have developed their leadership skills, a strong work ethic, adaptability, and are quick problem-solvers.  These individuals possess the necessary interpersonal and communication skills to work well with upper management as well as those they are tasked with leading.  Veterans truly are an under-tapped resource of seemingly custom-trained potential supply chain professionals.

If you are interested in recruiting veterans, check out local and state veterans agencies, contact organizations such as Hire Heroes USA, or advertise in military publications.  Click here for the complete article Hire Our Heroes… the right way as well as other ideas for networking with veterans.

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