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Vendor Appreciation

As a national integrator, we work not only for customers from all over the country, but with vendors in dozens of major cities as well.  When we choose to give our business to a vendor, we are not just selecting the highest quality goods and services at the most effective cost.  We are also trusting our vendors to provide our customers with the same fantastic service we do.

A customer recently came to us praising the service technician we had sent to repair their conveyor.  He was struck by the technician’s efficiency, professionalism, and courteous, thorough explanation and walkthrough of the work he had completed.  On Xact Warehouse Solutions, as well as our vendor, he said “I have nothing but good things to say about you guys, thank you.”  This kind of feedback never gets old.  We LOVE hearing about our customers’ positive experiences with our vendors.

All of this is to say “thank you”.  We would like to thank our vendors who work so diligently to provide us with the best storage, equipment, conveyor and service solutions.  It is so exciting to pass on to our customers the incredible value we receive from partnering with such dedicated individuals.  The rapid response time, fair pricing, and competent service we receive from vendors like Coastal Conveyor Services in Rock Hill, SC are essential components of our business.  Coastal, we have nothing but good things to say about you guys.

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