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Warehouse Tech-Build the Supply Chain of Your Dreams Part 2 of 3

Let’s continue dreaming….remember you have an unlimited budget and an amazing IT department…

Last week we began talking about building the supply chain of our dreams and touched on what robots could do to enhance the workplace, now let’s focus on Hardware.

Surely, in your real life warehouse, you do have some pretty nifty devices: hand held scanners, computers, tablets and the like. But what about taking the efficiency a step further and going “hands-free?” Smart glasses are being developed for and sold to companies that link to their databases to allow workers to view messages tied to barcodes.  These can give them additional information such as pick locations and details on the servicing of certain warehouse equipment. Google Glass, while no longer available to the general public, as it was only part of a “beta test”, is being sold to business and software developers for prospective use in applications such as supply chain management. Vuzix Corp. in Rochester, NY sells a smart glass unit for $1,000 that utilizes many of the same software applications as some hand- held devices. Dan C. Cui, VP Sales and Business Development of Vizux,  says that hands- free is much safer, so many companies are beginning to replace hand held devices with hands- free devices. Not only are they being made in the form of glasses, but other wearables, such as wrist or ring scanners. Move over Geordi LaForge!

Be sure to come back and check out next week’s blog as we continue exploring ideas for building the supply chain of your dreams.

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