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Ways to Boost Warehouse Employee Productivity

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The competition in the market has increased a lot as everyone is doing the best they can to get maximum productivity in the smallest amount of time; but it is not that easy, is it?

Warehouse management is a major part of the business. It requires efficiency and a proper check and balance of every process that is being conducted there.

You may find these pointers helpful in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse:

1.    Warehouse Inventory

Maintaining a proper track record of the warehouse inventory is a must. You must keep an accurate record of the stocks, orders, space and movement of the warehouse. A proper and explicit record will help you maximize the efficiency of your warehouse and identify areas that need improvement.

2.    DMAIC Method (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control)

DMAIC method is part of the Six Sigma process. It is a strategic process to reduce time and cost and gain client satisfaction.

In the DMAIC method you define the processes that take place in the warehouse. You then measure the productivity and efficiency with the data you have, analyze the missing parts that are keeping the productivity down from the desired level, and take improvement measures to achieve the targeted performance. DMAIC methods prevent you from making the same mistakes in warehouse management again.

If work is done by the employee, according to this conduct, a prominent gain in productivity can be witnessed in a short time.

3.    Improving Measure Time (Average Production Time)

Average production time plays a paramount role in your business. The greater your average production time the lesser is your warehouse efficiency. Make sure to improve your measure or average production time so that you can increase the production and satisfy your consumers. Improving your measure time will surely turn out to be profitable.

Training employees to perform multiple tasks will help in boosting employee’s efficiency and productivity.

4.    Feedbacks

Do keep in mind to take feedbacks. Ask people who are working with and for you to give their suggestions for the betterment of the business and how they can help improve their performances. Value their opinions and take care of their needs so they work hard and improve themselves.

5.    Elaborate

In order to keep running a successful business, you have to continuously keep evolving your methods and strategies. If you are not getting better results with your current strategies, do keep looking for a better and more productive approach to warehousing.

Xact Warehouse Solutions would love to be a resource for you to increase productivity in your environment. Check out our Portfolio on our website and discover some ways we can partner with you.

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