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Xact Warehouse Solutions at EntreLeadership

Last month Xact Warehouse Solutions traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, to spend a week experiencing financial coach Dave Ramsey’s Entre Leadership Master Series. The event included seminars on organization, team culture, recruiting, finances, and external affairs, and provided a refreshing perspective on our goals as a company. We’ve begun using the many invaluable tools we took from the EntreLeadership Master Series to maximize our personal strengths and to streamline the ways in which we serve our customers. Here are some highlights from the fine tuning of the past few weeks:

What was the most significant thing you brought back from EntreLeadership?

Kevin Kelley:The best information I received during EntreLeadership was the importance of defining company Values, Mission, and Vision, so that we may ensure that each day’s actions line up with what is important to us personally and as a company.

Stacy Kelley:The best information I received regarded new and varying compensation plans.

What was the first improvement you implemented upon your return?

Kevin Kelley: I have written out our values and our new Mission Statement.

Stacy Kelley: I have implemented new procedures to ensure our vendors receive payment within 7-10 business days.

The EntreLeadership experience has been pivotal in our personal and professional growth, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with a refreshed and emboldened dedication.

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