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Project Solutions

High Value Solutions Designed To Actually Exceed Expectations

For warehouse and distribution center managers frustrated by lack of space and inefficiencies, projects start at the discovery phase where it is important to understand how the problem you want to solve is impacting your business.


This usually starts with a discovery call and can progress into an actual warehouse assessment. Our experts can then work with you to better define a scope and translate that into your highest return on investment. 

After reviewing and agreeing on design, we provide pricing for the turnkey project that includes everything from the materials, labor to install it, transportation from the manufacturer to their site, project management, permitting, inspections all the way through to the end when we turn it back over to you with dedicated support to ensure a successful handover.


During the initial discovery step, our primary goal is to quickly determine how we can provide the highest value to your company.

Do you already have a clear need identified? 

Are you pricing out equipment costs?

Do you require expert guidance to prove business case and ROI?

Are you looking for a trusted partner to drive high impact short term project(s)?

Does your company seek a “Cost Plus” model for multiple bid requirements?

Are you seeking a full turnkey solution provider to manage projects end-to-end?

Relevant Services:

  • Discovery Call

  • Warehouse Assessment

Once a scope of work is defined, we provide concept drawings and iterations with your team on engineering and permitting including detailed drawings. The preparation stage allows us to accelerate the path to an approved scope for project start date.

Need a quote on equipment solutions?

Require assistance with your bidding management?

Need a business case to secure budget?

Want expert guidance on design?

Confused by engineering and permitting requirements?

Relevant Services:

  • Request For Quote

  • Bid-to-Proposal

  • ROI Business Case

  • Design

  • Engineering

  • Permitting


After setting a launch date, the project moves into a formal purchase & delivery management stage to ensure all materials, equipment and installation professionals are coordinated according to project schedule. The time frames vary depending upon the type and complexity of the project solution.

Equipment typically takes 6 to 12 weeks to manufacture.

Installation can vary.

  • Small project approximately range from a 1 to 3 weeks 

  • Average project is 2 to 4 months

  • Longer projects tend to be 6 to 12 months

Relevant Services:

  • Materials procurement

  • Labor & Install management

  • Equipment transport & delivery

  • Project management

  • Permitting & inspections

  • Final walkthrough and handover to client


“Our commitment to excellence resonates with our warehouse customers. Where we can do a project from start to finish for a client, and take that load off of them, that’s where we can provide the most value.”

- Kevin Kelley, Owner, Xact Warehouse Solutions

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