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Push-Back Rack

Push-back storage rack is a high density Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) pallet storage option that allows an operation to increase the storage density of their available warehouse space. Multiple factors should be considered before selecting this storage type, including product inventory, product accessibility, and forklift type, among others.

How A Push-Back Pallet Rack Works

Push-back storage systems consist of a pallet rack structure supporting pallet flow lanes that are pitched from back-to-front. The flow lanes are made up of parallel rails that support a series of carts to support the pallets stored in the system. When the lanes are empty, the carts flow forward and nest over each other in the front load position until new pallets are added to the lane. As pallets are added to a lane, the loaded pallet pushes back the pallets already in the lane until the lane is full. Pallets are picked from a lane at the same place they are added and all pallets flow forward by gravity until the last pallet in the lane is in the front position.

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