Safety Netting

Safety Netting is a product safety barrier option that allows for safe pallet picking and put-away operations adjacent to split case picking or walking traffic areas . Safety netting can be customized in size to guard an entire row of racks, partial row, or just a bay.

How Safety Netting Works

Safety Netting forms a durable load containment barrier that contains loose boxes, goods on pallets, and stacked materials on the shelves. The netting can be custom ordered to fit and mounted directly to racking in the area you want to secure. Safety netting can also be used anywhere you need nets to reduce product loss and to help keep people safe.

Common Questions Regarding Safety Netting

Does the product come with the hardware needed for installation?

Yes, all hardware and components needed for installation are included.

Can Safety Netting be used in high places to protect from falling inventory?

Yes, there is Safety Netting available for install that can help when the risk of injury is higher from excess or reserve stock stored above in standard or push back racks.

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