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We are so excited to meet you and hear about your specific warehouse challenges and needs. We will review and reach out to you shortly to schedule our session together. the meantime, consider...

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If you haven't already, consider it

If you have not seen our Xact Guide on How To Maximize Vertical Storage, then consider downloading and taking a closer look. See details below.

Xact Guide to Going Vertical - home page

Download Our Free Xact Guide and Learn How To Maximize Your Vertical Storage Capacity

Learn about the various options for vertical storage, the benefits and details on the specific options including the criteria for vertical storage selection.
  • Criteria For Vertical Storage Selection 

  • Unit of storage

  • Access to product 

  • Frequency of put-away and picking

  • Lift equipment

  • Building clear height

  • Floor Loading Capacity

  • Inventory Control: LIFO and FIFO 

  • Hazard Classification

  • Fire Protection System: existing vs. required. 

  • Permitting requirements.

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