Warehouse Safety Netting

Warehouse safety netting is a type of protective barrier used in warehouses or other industrial settings to prevent accidents and injuries caused by falling objects.  It consists of a series of strong and durable netting that attaches to the warehouse racking.

The purpose of warehouse safety netting is to prevent or catch any objects that may fall from the elevated storage area, such as pallets, boxes, or other materials, and prevent them from hitting people, equipment, or other objects below.This helps to prevent injuries, damage to property, and loss of inventory.


Overall, warehouse safety netting is a vital safety equipment to consider in a warehouse environment. It is commonly used in distribution and manufacturing where large amounts of inventory are stored on high shelves or racking.

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Common Questions Regarding Safety Netting

  • Under elevated catwalks or platforms for fall prevention.
  • Under elevated conveyor systems to prevent risk of falling inventory or other warehouse products.
  • Safety straps can sometimes be used when pallets have been stretch wrapped prior to storing in racking.
  • Safety netting panels or a continuous safety netting system should be used to prevent unwrapped pallets or loose palletized products from falling.

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