Selective Pallet Racking

Selective rack is a type of pallet storage rack used for high selectivity and accessibility of palletized product.  This rack type allows users to gain storage density by increasing storage height in their warehouse or distribution center while maintaining accessibility of all stored pallets at any time by a forklift.  It is by far the most common type of pallet storage, as well as the most cost effective, as priced per pallet position.

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Common Questions Regarding Selective Rack

  • The clear height and total height of the user’s storage area
  • The lift height of the user’s forklift
  • The allowable storage height, which is based on the type of commodities stored, the fire protection system design, and the height of the building.
  • The height-to-depth ratio of the rack will limit the height of the rack system unless it is interconnected to other racking via row spacers or top cross-aisle ties.
  • Load size:  Length, width, and height
  • Load weight
  • Seismic requirements for the geographic area of installation.  Seismic requirements could influence any of the following:
    • More steel in the design.
    • Special anchoring requirements to the floor/slab.
    • Larger footplates.

High-pile storage requirements could influence any of the following:

    • Types of commodities to be stored may be limited based on fire protection system design and storage height per type of commodity as allowed by fire code.
    • Type of decking on load levels.  Typically requires 50% or greater opening to allow water to pass through.
    • Flue spacing requirements.  Both longitudinal and transverse flue spaces may need to be kept clear, allowing water from fire protection system direct access to stored product.

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