Industrial Warehouse Shelving

Industrial shelving is a cost-effective, versatile, and space efficient means of storage for a small parts picking operation in a warehouse or distribution center.

Although there are several different types of industrial warehouse shelving, they are typically easily adjustable and adaptable to ever-changing inventory. Industrial shelving helps keep items organized through shelves, bins, and drawers. Available in a variety of sizes, depths, and heights to store a variety of items in one location.

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Industries and applications for industrial shelving:

  • MRO Supply – Steel clip shelving for small parts picking
  • Automotive – Multi-level steel shelving and modular drawer cabinets for small parts picking
  • Healthcare, Government, and Education – Archive storage
  • Tire Distribution – Tire picking applications
  • E-Commerce – Picking applications with steel clip shelving and pick-to-light
We offer multiple styles of industrial shelving, including:
  • Steel clip shelving
  • Modular drawer cabinets
  • Rivet shelving
  • Wide-span shelving

Common Questions Regarding Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving systems can be 20ft to 30ft high. In a narrow pick aisle application, this can greatly increase storage density in your facility.

Industrial shelving systems can also be multilevel picking systems, greatly increasing your facilities storage capacity.

Different shelving types have different capacities. Depending on the type of shelving and size of shelves, capacities can range from 200lbs per shelf to 3,000lbs per shelf.

  • Steel clip industrial shelving: 200lbs to 1,000lbs per shelf
  • Rivet industrial shelving: 200lbs to 2,200lbs per shelf
  • Wide-span industrial shelving: 1,000lbs to 3,000lbs per shelf

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