Increase warehouse efficiency

Optimize storage capacity

Keep your customers happy with accurate and on-time orders.

Frustrated by inefficiency?

  • Running out of inventory space

  • Wasting time getting orders out

  • Shipping inaccurate orders

  • Frustrated warehouse employees

  • Customer dissatisfaction

  • Struggling to grow your business

Eliminate Inefficiency and Optimize Your Warehouse

  • Efficiency

    Develop a Warehouse Optimization Plan

    Plan to expand and grow by improving your receiving, picking and shipping efficiency.

    Develop an optimization plan to improve efficiency and maximize storage capacity.

  • Capacity

    Take Advantage Of All Usable Space In Your Warehouse

    Out of capacity? Save costs of moving and additional square footage with a storage capacity evaluation.

    Repair and service your rack systems to make the most out of existing warehouse capacity.

  • Safety

    Make Your Operation

    A Safe Place To Work

    Proper configuration, ergonomic layout, and maintenance of your equipment is critical to your employees and product safety.

    Ensure your storage equipment is safe and free from damage with a rack safety audit.

Marble Surface

We know you need a reliable partner.

We understand your needs.

  • Explore your industry vertical challenges.

  • Collaborate with you to innovate.

  • Design cost effective solutions.

  • Deliver to your tight deadlines.

  • Provide excellent customer service.

"Gains 'Trusted Business Advisor' Status..."

Dave Halker, Vice President Sales at GBI Intralogistics Solutions

“Honest, Dependable, Talented Integrator”

David Gibson, Process Automation, Continuous Improvement, Department Head

“Provides innovative and cost effective solutions”

Ross Tanner, Director- Real Estate & Facilities Services

“XWS has hit some tight deadlines over the years.”

Matt Graves, Director of Operations - Projects at American Tire Distributors

Ready-To-Order Equipment

Have a project you need to quote?

Allow us to provide the best fit of warehouse equipment to meet the needs of your project.

Our goal is to get you a high return on your investment.


Submit a request for quote, and we'll respond quickly to verify your requirements and provide you competitive pricing.


If desired, we can schedule a meeting to validate industry best practices for optimal efficiency and storage capacity management.

Need More Guidance?

Need someone to look at your warehouse?

We're ready to help you identify the right path forward and satisfy your warehouse and distribution center requirements.


Schedule a meeting to review your scenario and discover solutions to your specific challenges with potential for short-term return on investment.


Regardless of the size and complexity of your project, we're committed to helping you build a business case to match your business goals and budget.

The Process Is Simple!

  • Step 1:


    Schedule A Consult

    Our goal is to understand your business and gather information on operation and product specifications to identify the best fit solution.

  • Step 2:


    Site Assessment

    Next, we visit your warehouse for a site assessment and propose a solution designed to meet your specific needs.

  • Step 3:


    Deliver Project

    Then, we manage everything end-to-end to deliver on-time and on-budget project installs for results worth trusting.

Inefficient warehouses frustrate everybody, including your customers.

Xact Warehouse Solutions delivers turnkey equipment projects that keep customers happy with accurate and on-time orders.

At Xact Warehouse Solutions, we know that you want reliable and trustworthy warehouse operations that just work. In order to do that, you need to increase warehouse efficiency and optimize storage capacity.


The problem is you are frustrated by lack of space and ineffective equipment which makes you afraid of letting customers down. We believe a company should never have their reputation or growth damaged by their warehouse operations.


We understand you can't waste time or money on equipment that doesn’t fix your problem which is why our experts share their knowledge and experience overcoming hundreds of warehouse issues to make those problems go away.


Here’s how we do it:

  1. Schedule a discovery session so we can understand your business and specific needs.

  2. Assess your warehouse so that we can identify and prepare to deliver the right equipment solution.

  3. Implement and deliver an end-to-end equipment project that provides you clear ROI.


So, schedule a consult. And in the meantime, download 4 Ways To Optimize Vertical Storage.


It’s time to stop failing in your warehouse so you can keep your customers happy with accurate and on-time orders now and into the future.

Download Our Free Xact Guide and Learn How To Maximize Your Vertical Storage Capacity

Learn about the various options for vertical storage, including the selectivity, density, pick rate and system sizing for specific equipment.

  • Criteria for Vertical Storage Selection

  • Unit of storage

  • Access to product 

  • Frequency of put-away and picking

  • Lift equipment

  • Building clear height

  • Floor Loading Capacity

  • Inventory Control: LIFO and FIFO 

  • Hazard Classification

  • Fire Protection System: existing vs. required. 

  • Permitting requirements.


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