Drive-In Rack

Drive-In rack is a type of pallet storage rack used for high density storage and Last-In, First Out (LIFO). Drive-In rack systems can be designed to hold 3 to 8 pallets deep per level.

Pros for drive-in Rack:

  • High density storage at the lowest cost per pallet position compared to other high density pallet storage options. 
  • This type of pallet storage system maximizes storage space by reducing forklift aisles. 
  • Can also be oriented in a back-to-back configuration to further increase density by minimizing forklift aisles

Cons for drive-in Rack:

  • Drive-In rack is less efficient to use than other high density rack solutions because the putaway and retrieval process is slower.
  • It is difficult to maximize the storage because all the pallets in a single column of storage must be the same SKU
  • Pallets used in this system must be of very high quality to eliminate pallet failure and product damage.
  • This storage type is not ideal for storing pallets that have limited shelf life or need to be picked by the earliest date available.

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Common Questions Regarding Drive-In Rack Systems

As the name suggests, forklifts must drive into the rack system, down each lane to put-away or retrieve product.  Special consideration must be given to the forklift used for this type of system to ensure it’s not too large to drive into the rack structure as intended.

  • Large quantities of pallets that are the same SKU 
  • Drive-in rack system is designed to hold a truckload of pallets, so that when a truck is received with  one SKU, all pallets can be put-away into one column of drive-in rack. 
  • This also works well when a truck can be fully loaded from one column of drive-in.
  • Product that has many pallets per SKU and is not date driven.

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