Carton Flow Rack and Flow Systems

Carton flow systems are a form of equipment for organizing inventory for safe, ergonomic, fast, and efficient order picking.   With a First-In/First-Out product rotation, carton flow is commonly used in operations with high volume and medium turn-rate inventory.

These gravity driven systems are loaded from the back side and the product (cartons or totes) flows to the front of the rack system for picking. These systems can be custom engineered to compliment the order filling pick path.

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Carton Flow Advantages

  • Saves valuable picking space by consolidating high velocity picks to a small pick area
  • Ability to pick and replenish at the same time since the picking happens on one side and the replenishment happens on the opposite side of the rack.
  • Reduce labor for both picking and replenishment because a larger number of high velocity SKU’s are much closer together.
  • Many different types of gravity carton flow are offered to best fit the product of the user, including carton flow rollers, carton flow beds, and carton flow track shelving.
  • Carton flow can be installed on existing pallet rack to create a picking solution with high velocity picks below and replenishment above.

Common Questions Regarding Carton Flow Systems

Because carton flow is used to store individual cartons and not entire pallets, it’s able to accommodate a high number of SKU’s.

Common industries utilizing carton flow include: food and beverage, liquor, medical, frozen foods, vending, automotive, and general distribution.

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