Warehouse Rack Repair Kits

Have the damaged rack uprights in your facility led you to question the safety of your warehouse operation?

Rack repair kits are extremely robust and engineered for not only repairing the damage to the upright, but improving the strength up the damaged area to eliminate the need to repair that upright again in the future. Warehouse rack repair kits that are designed properly for the application are much stronger than the original OEM upright. They come with heavy duty footplates to drastically improve the connection to the concrete floor. Rack repair kits also come in multiple colors and punching styles to fit almost any racking style in your warehouse.

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Rack Repair Kits for All Types of Storage Racks

Several questions arise when considering how to remedy the damaged rack:
  • Should we replace the damaged upright with a new upright?
  • How do we find a replacement upright to match the old one?
  • Are there kits available with the replacement parts we need?
  • How can we prevent this from happening in the future?
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Over the years we repaired over a thousand rack uprights all over the United States.  Let us help you improve the safety in your facility by contacting us for a Rack Safety Audit.  We’ll answer all your questions and provide you solutions for addressing your rack safety concerns.

Common Questions Regarding Rack Repair Kits

Yes, all of the rack repair kits we use are designed to maintain the designed loads from the original upright.
  • Rack repair kits are oftentimes easier to install than replacing the original upright and may not require removing all the product.
  • Rack repair kits are often much more impact resistant than the original upright and typically have a 10 year or more warranty on impact damage.
  • Rack repair kits can be used when a very small portion of the upright is damaged, which can be much more economical than replacing the entire upright.

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