Turnkey Warehouse Projects


In the warehouse or distribution industry there can be a number of problems that affect your operation and efficiency. Companies often get caught up in trying to find the right equipment or solution, but do not necessarily know all the right questions to ask or what solutions are available to address their pain points. At Xact Warehouse Solutions, we understand this. When it comes to our customer’s needs and goals, it is more valuable to offer more than just solutions. This is why we offer a full-scale service to fulfill your warehouse needs.  Our turnkey equipment projects provide everything from the design, engineering, equipment, installation, project management, transportation from manufacturer to site, and permitting down to inspections. Here is an overview of our process:

1. Design Phase

  • Understand clients operational goals and pain points.
  • Gather client information on operation and product specifications.
  • Brainstorm concepts and potential design solutions.
  • Define general scope of services.
  • Conceptual drawings and review.

2. Proposal Phase

  • Define specific scope of services and material counts.
  • Preliminary engineering.
  • Outline project investment.
  • Customer acceptance of proposal.

3. Planning Phase

  • Provide project schedule with milestones for implementation.

4. Engineering and Permitting Phase

  • Prepare final drawings to client for review and approval.
  • Submit drawings to engineering for final review and calculations.
  • Submit for permit to local authorities, as applicable.

5. Purchasing Phase

  • Purchase all material and labor.

6. Implementation Phase

  • Coordinate on-site dates for installation labor and lift equipment.
  • Coordinate material deliveries.
  • Provide project management to lead and facilitate phased installation.
  • Provide regular occurring project installation updates based on schedule milestones.
  • Final walkthrough and client approval sign-off.

Whether it’s simply equipment or a new project, Xact Warehouse Solutions will help you achieve your goals from start to finish. 

We look forward to being your turnkey provider!