Warehouse Safety Equipment

Safety equipment designed for warehouses and distribution centers protects your people and your equipment. 

Safety equipment keeps your warehouse or distribution center operation safe for all your team members and visitors to your facility. We offer a many different types to also protect your equipment from unintentional impacts.

Safety equipment can also be used to direct people to where they should go and control access to where you want to keep them away from.

Let us help you keep your facility safe by requesting an on-site consultation.

Protect your people and secure your warehouse with industrial fencing.

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Keep your people safe from falling hazards and prevent product damage at the same time with safety netting.

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Guard your walkways and your equipment with numerous forms of warehouse guarding.

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Our people protection includes:
  • 42in high double-rail safety guardrail
  • Machine guards and fencing
  • Safety netting
  • Mezzanine and dock safety gates
  • Collision warning devices
Our equipment protection includes:
  • 18in high single-rail safety guardrail
  • Safety bollards
  • Rack guards
  • Rack post protectors
  • Pallet stops and floor bumpers
  • Building column guards

Common Questions Regarding Safety Equipment

Walkways, packing and other work areas, netting and pallet stops are used in picking areas to prevent product from falling onto team members picking orders..

Ends of rack rows, building columns exposed to forklift traffic, conveyor guarding, dock doors.

Our Safety Equipment Vendors